PhDc in Electronics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University
Head of Software Architecture at SIEMENS AG

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As in my opinion, embedded system is where an electronics engineer touches to the phsical world. An embedded system is a dedicated system which has the purpose of solving a specific problem or running a specific task. I am mainly working on embedded systems and enjoying to create new technologies. Embedded systems do not have any kind of boundaries in terms of technical knowledge. As an embedded system designer, you would not only need a solid HW and SW knowledge but, you also need a wide vision and fast learner ability to be able to deal with all the problems. For example if you are developing a camera based human count system, you have to deal with image processing and remote communication even if these are directly realted with embedded systems or not. This is the center point of my endless love to embedded systems. I will never stop to learn, hope you so.
Machine vision was the next-generation of the technology for intelligent devices. Novadays, it is the current phase of technology and fairly needs to be improved. For intelligent devices, sensing is the primary step of intelligent decision process and as mankind we can't reject that we are the inspiration center for this technology. Of course, it is not easy to mimic our vision and implement it to machines but you can't reject that it is promising. Machine vision will determine the state of the art, and it will reply our major question: "How can we go beyond?". As lots of researcher, I am also trying to get the answer.
Thanks to the Bell Labs, Thevenin, Norton, Ohm, Foster, Tesla, Maxwell, Gauss and many of others, we have the technology of electricty and electronics. This technology internally makes us to control the movement and behaviour of electrons and ions. By the way we are in the information era! In my essence, I am an Electronics Engineer. The purpose of my technical education is designing circuits and rule among all and that is exactly what am I trying to do. I am a kind of shepherd of electrons and I will rule over them by designing sweety circuits.
If you visited my page I am sure that you all know about software but I will mention about a different story. To create high level technologies we have to make assumptions, callculations and implementations. Software is where an engineer tells his/her mindset to the machine, so it's a bridge between human and machine. In the beginnings, software was the language of machines but novadays, thanks to god we have a software understanding that it is a language for humans to model the phsical world into math, and tell the solition into machines. In this story, we have uncountable amount of software element, language, philosophy and tool. Hence, sw is always challenging. By the time, it borns a new challenge on even doing the same task: how to build it smarter and better. This is the infinite journey of software.
Do you want to be universal and subjective? Talk in math. We engineers are all love math because it is a specaial glass which makes you analyse the past, calculate the current and observe the future. If we have a problem to solve, we model the problem well we convert the phsical state to mathematical space. We solve the problem in the math domain and convert it to the phsical world again. As you see, all the problems are solved in the math space. When you go deeper in math you will be spellbound to see how it is smarter, generic and miracle. Math is the core of the engineering.
Our most inspiring property among all other creatures is our consciousness. The internal decision mechanisms of human is still a bit flu, but surprisingly magical. Cognitive approach solves very interesting problems which are not in the strong side of calculator devices. The most interesting side of cognitive systems is even they do not provide %100 success rate, we prefer them in lots of cases. We do prefer cognitive approach because in most of the cases we do not have even a second choice that works. That shows two main spot. First, our decision system is really works well and it is worth to mimic it. Second, we do not yet successfully able to mimic the human cognitive system. Both, gives me the same motivation to work on cognitive science.
I am working on some robots which will never hurt any of us. Intead, they help us in our daily life. Think about a radioactive station; instead of a human, a robot would do all the job and no one would suffer from cancer. Robotics is promising a safer future for us. And I am trying to contribute to this future. I also love to play robots :)
Even if you have an important information unless you are able to tell, it does not have any meaning. Communication is the way of sharing a specific information. Mankind invented solid ways of communication some of them are just like black magic. Radio Frequency, Ethernet, USB are some of the examples of communication technologies which we use everyday. I am highly interested in usage and internals of these technologies.

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Being an engineer gives me unlimited energy to innovate and create

MSc. Electronics Engineer
John Doe


After graduated ITU Electronics Engineering BSc. in 3 years, I have started to MSc. program of the same division. I have graduated from MSc. in 2013. My MSc. thesis is on cryptographic security of rfid systems and its title is A Secure RFID System Design Which Provides Location Privacy.

Phd. Candidate Electronics Engineer
Jane Helf


Graduated from ITU Electronics Engineering MSc. I have started to Phd. program in the same division. I am working on Internet of Things Security. Moreover I am taking very interesting courses related to my area of research interest. In am also working at Embedded System Lab.

Development Engineer
Joshua Insanus


After nearly 11 years of system design and project leadership experience I have started to work at SIEMENS AG as Head of Architecture We are developing many kinds of worldwide industrial solutions.

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